Sometimes, seeking therapy takes courage.

When we begin therapy, it means we are ready and willing to look at the parts of our lives that are not working well for us–the parts that are hurt, broken or in pain. Sometimes we need help sorting out what is troubling us. Other times we know what is wrong. Sometimes we know we need to talk to someone who will not judge us and who will meet us where we are.

My approach to this work is multi-dimensional.  I listen well, and encourage you to find your own voice to tell your own story. Together, we establish goals to help you focus on what might make your life better. We then explore the thoughts, feelings and body knowledge that point to the sources of your distress. From there, we can begin the journey of healing and creating ways for you to become resilient and resourceful.

As a therapist, I am committed to bringing my full range of skills, wisdom, care and compassion to therapeutic work.  I encourage you to engage in therapy fully and to seek the transformational change you desire for your life. Through a relationship based on safety, openness and trust, we will explore the unique life challenges that you have and find the inner resources you possess to create the life you wish to live.

Together, we will be companions on a journey of self discovery and personal transformation.